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Monday, May 16, 2016


You're my definition of closing my eyes, inhaling deep, ... Then my lungs releasing bullshit and instantly filling with peace.
You're my peace. My peace of mind.
This struggle to find silence in the world's loudness is beyond ridiculous until my presence was blessed with your being and your grasp of me. Accepting. Your desire to learn me is incredibly refreshing. I beg of you, please dont stop me from drowning.

I wish I knew how to paint the colors of you. Place you appropriately in my rainbow where your smile effortlessly defines the smile lines I can't keep from surfacing, I struggle to hide --- to put it simply, you amplify my everyday life.
You encourage my storm.
This majestic energy circling you reminds me to embrace the newly introduced parts of who ...I am.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Back so soon?

I shared my Me with a new being last night.
Compelled by the words that danced on his lips- effortlessly creating a craved for, sought after bliss- a dreamed up reality.
Not totally, but definitely, he scolded me for looking back.
Stacked so perfectly, behind me, I've organized all the bullshit and lies so that my backwards motion digging for pain to sulk in... Its  quick and easy to find.
My addiction. My old me.
" hello you,... Back so soon?"

Saturday, November 28, 2015


To identify.
We describe self the way we've been taught.
Don't ask questions.
Don't think. Smile pretty.
Silently. Just nod.
... in acceptance.
Pretending to understand what's obviously misunderstood.
About self.
Not me. But I'd be lying if I said that didn't use to be me.
Movements made only to see those around me I craved to be pleased weren't.
Fuck it. Close eyes. In... Ex... Clear mind.
Joce, baby, focus.
On truth.
Which is hard to do when lies have been the core of the individual you were taught to identify.
Please, my love, just fly.

Friday, February 20, 2015


Eyes closed, deep breath in. 
Exhale out. 
How quickly my inner being naturally released the bullshit.
As if my soul was granted a new beginning allowing... This. This to fit. 
So perfectly. 
Effortlessly my lips curve with dancing smile lines as numb places begin to feel again. 
Big. Deep breath in. 
Anticipating this head first dive to eventually drain my breath of fresh air... Only to find that I swim just fine. 
This flow of our river is easy.
And not easy as in predictable because our lives still manueaver and turn...
But easy because of the willingness to learn the current. 
Understand it. Trust it. 
I'm swimming in you. Your waters... Mine too.
Mine has flown into yours and pours so effortlessly into this space we've created. 
Excuse me while I enjoy this drown. 

Monday, February 2, 2015

My Garden

My apple is not red.
In fact, my apple isn't an apple at all....only mistaken as one. Slowly, with each rotation of our Earth, my apple hides more of it's identity as it grows... but constantly sharing its sweetness,
What peaks my curiosity is not the actual hidden identity of this fruit but rather, how it remains so sweet? Never bitter. How its still bearing  and not been inhaled fully by the world's hunger. This majestic fruit-- constantly growing. Unidentified, but known,
Happiness petrifies me. Not enough to keep me from being....but enough to where I find difficulty to bask in it. The feeling of euphoria--naturally-- is intimidating beyond belief. The falseness of fear creating a reality for me to believe that things are too good to be true. Oh the fuckery. This river I've formed from the tears of my confessions is only given life--given the energy to flow when I begin to second guess myself. Swimming in it isn't pleasant. In truth, the current sometimes becomes too strong to just sit with my feet in it. My Garden of Eden wasn't grown with it---so as quickly as it appeared, I know it can disappear. No? Falsified fear can die. No? My tree of life grows strong... deeply rooted. & until this river no longer flows--- until it dries up, I'll sit on my life's highest branch. Chest to the sky, Sun giving me life. Basking in my sweet happiness.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Dried Rivers

We dream of moving on more than we dream of holding on. In the midst of breaking down, counting tears and learning that hurt only hurts as long as you allow it... I wrote this in 5 minutes. 

I held onto you.
Fought for what laughs around me and the smiles you gave me made me dream to be true.
To come to light.
I defended your love and bended the dreams I had while believing that you'd eventually fight for what you loved.
Hugs occassionally. Kisses not frequent enough. Touches of silk became rough.
To begin fights, questioning actions of spite and fathoming what shouldn't have been seeded.
Bleeding tears of blue rivers from thoughts of what could be or what had been us. Struck dumb fucked from reality when your actions spoke louder than any of your bitches could have.
How dare you. 
Let words of passion become have beens and what could ofs as they became poison.
Despise is too deep. So before I let the ink from this pen seep into my eyes as these blue rivers fall again to be inhaled back into my heart: good night.  

Monday, November 17, 2014


Trying to understand the flow of the river is like trying to figure out the mystery of life.
How'd it begin---- how did the river bend where it did? 
Giving me just enough time to dive out, not in. Before I drowned.
A piece of life I thought I tossed to the wind
To be lost just as deep and numb as the other pieces. 
Unfind. Unfound. Bury. Dig. Deep. Dark. Tossed. Ugly.
To lose again. To turn backs against walls
Lose sight of the climb-- fuck the fall.