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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dont Swing My Way

Maybe someone can help me out with this one.....what is the point of an open relationship when married??? I've recently had a number of conversations with individuals who are married, male and female, that are into the whole swinging thing.... now...rumor has it, Will and Jada have lasted as long as they have because they're swingers. Is it really that difficult these days to be in a happy, committed marriage without having to step that far out of the box?

I've lost count of the times I've been invited into a marriage for the night. They want to wine and dine me and then....yea, you know the rest. Judge me if you like, but the only way I'd even consider it is if I've been provided a day at the spa, a nice brazilain wax, teeth whitened, a new fit for the occassion and was STILL compensated for my services,.... and another compensation for the disclosure agreement they'd have to agree to. What I look like??? Believe me when I say, no one can afford me. Especially with the drama that is sure to follow.... I'm pretty addictive.

I can kind of understand having sex with the same person for the rest of your life can get redundant, but as the territorial woman that I am, I wish a *bleep* would even dream of touching my HUSBAND. I know many of you have seen the episode of The Game when Melanie was trying to spice up the sex life in her marriage by bringing a third party to the bedroom. At the end of the day, she kicked the trick out. Why? Because the sight of another woman with her man made her sick.

I'll pass with that whole idea, whether I'm the wife or the third party. Anyone out there who thinks differently??