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Tuesday, July 15, 2014


To be free.
Arms stretched- wings open,
Me --- accepting all
Grasping MY reality.
Accepting the things I thought defined me-- all lies.
Accepting that my life definition won't appease most,
Sitting on a high horse to boast about my findings of what you define as "happiness."
I'm free-- or at least freeing.
My love. My spirit. My energy. My everything.
Can I dance? 
These wings open to the sky,
To fly would be impossible.
I'm not meant to leave the ground, for I am bound and weighed down-- too much to fly. 
But let me dance.
Blissfully entangled in my web of reality.
Stretching free, moon high, please climb with me.
Let's dance my dance on this dirt. Feel the earth. Between toes. 
Lets be free.