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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Pop you with my 9?

I absolurely love my neighborhood. Living in OTR (Over the Rhine for those of you who arent familar) makes me feel like Im in a mix between your local Cincinnati hood (which i feel like is damn near every block in the inner city) and the next artistic movement. It's different....escentric....something like myself so I've always really enjoyed living in the area....

Until recently.

Im not a scary individual but Im also not naive or dumb. I had a situation recently happen a block from my place that really has me shook and Im not exactly sure what to do about it.

I've been living in the same place for almost a year and a half and it is true that I got somewhat comfortable with the neighborhood. Not always aware of my surroundings and that's something I definitely need to change. But what is a female, living on her own, no family in the city, supposed to do when she fears her safety? I've never really been a fan of guns so I hate to say it, but Im REALLY considering getting my liscense to carry. My mother would probably kill me. But what are my other options? One friend told me to get a tazer.... "they're powerful, affective, and you wont need a liscense for it..."

But then a few other people have told me that a tazer wont do least not to a larger man.

Karate classes? Tae kwon doe? Jujitsu? Anyone out there with any options for me?.... I really dont want to have to get a gun o_O

On the other hand, I almost wonder if Im making a big deal out of nothing.....Okay I really dont think that at all. IMMMM SCURRREDDDD *Mr. Brown's voice* *serious face*