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Monday, May 16, 2016


You're my definition of closing my eyes, inhaling deep, ... Then my lungs releasing bullshit and instantly filling with peace.
You're my peace. My peace of mind.
This struggle to find silence in the world's loudness is beyond ridiculous until my presence was blessed with your being and your grasp of me. Accepting. Your desire to learn me is incredibly refreshing. I beg of you, please dont stop me from drowning.

I wish I knew how to paint the colors of you. Place you appropriately in my rainbow where your smile effortlessly defines the smile lines I can't keep from surfacing, I struggle to hide --- to put it simply, you amplify my everyday life.
You encourage my storm.
This majestic energy circling you reminds me to embrace the newly introduced parts of who ...I am.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Back so soon?

I shared my Me with a new being last night.
Compelled by the words that danced on his lips- effortlessly creating a craved for, sought after bliss- a dreamed up reality.
Not totally, but definitely, he scolded me for looking back.
Stacked so perfectly, behind me, I've organized all the bullshit and lies so that my backwards motion digging for pain to sulk in... Its  quick and easy to find.
My addiction. My old me.
" hello you,... Back so soon?"