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Wednesday, October 29, 2014


We're taught to dream. 
To reach beyond the imaginable, fathom the unthinkable...
And become. 
Young and naive we dream to believe that dreaming is even possible.
We're taught to love. 
Or at least we're suppose to be.
Be wrapped in affection --- love hard and treat nobody less than...
Or at least we're suppose to be.
These life lessons full of bullshit.
We're suppose to grow and be free,
With these shackles of life around our ankles still invisible. 
Our minds so blissful. 
Never to know fear.
At least that's what we're suppose to be. 
How do you dodge life? How do you doge the fight ? The fear? 
The death at the ankles of your roots that's determined to deafen you? Kill you? Be sure that you lose ?
We fear.
I fear. 
I fear to the point where death is accepted. 
And by death I mean- life being neglected.
 No need for dreams and hugs.
Hell. Fuck love.