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Friday, February 20, 2015


Eyes closed, deep breath in. 
Exhale out. 
How quickly my inner being naturally released the bullshit.
As if my soul was granted a new beginning allowing... This. This to fit. 
So perfectly. 
Effortlessly my lips curve with dancing smile lines as numb places begin to feel again. 
Big. Deep breath in. 
Anticipating this head first dive to eventually drain my breath of fresh air... Only to find that I swim just fine. 
This flow of our river is easy.
And not easy as in predictable because our lives still manueaver and turn...
But easy because of the willingness to learn the current. 
Understand it. Trust it. 
I'm swimming in you. Your waters... Mine too.
Mine has flown into yours and pours so effortlessly into this space we've created. 
Excuse me while I enjoy this drown. 

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  1. This is an excellent introspective of how deep life could we must keep our heads above water.